Coastal Socio-Environmental Studies

Leader: Roberta Sá Leitão Barboza


History in the Field: racism, ethnicity and gender

Leader: Luiz Augusto Pinheiro Leal


Systems Development Laboratory - LADES - UFPA

Leader: Marcos César da Rocha Seruffo

Leader: Yomara Pinheiro Pires


Center for Studies, Research and Extension in Ethnic-Racial Relations, Social Movements and Education - N'UMBUNTU

Leader: Gisela Macambira Villacorta


Quilombos and Mocambeiros: history of black resistance in the Amazon (GP QUIMOHRENA)

Leader: Luiz Augusto Pinheiro Leal


Translation, Alterities and Interculturality in Latin American Narratives - UFPA

Leader: José Guilherme dos Santos Fernandes

Leader: Sylvia Maria Trusen


Study Group, Research and Extension Training for Science Teachers

Leader: João Manoel da S. Malheiros